Max & Min Thermometer

Max & Min Thermometer

Catalogue No. – 19078
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A lab Max & Min thermometer is a type of thermometer used to measure the maximum and minimum temperature of a substance or environment in a laboratory setting. The thermometer typically consists of a glass or plastic tube filled with a temperature-sensitive liquid, such as mercury or alcohol, and marked with temperature scales.

The lab Max & Min thermometer is designed with two separate scales, one for measuring the maximum temperature and one for measuring the minimum temperature. To use the thermometer, it is placed in the substance or environment being measured, and the liquid inside the tube expands or contracts as the temperature changes.

When the temperature reaches a new high or low, the liquid in the tube will indicate the maximum or minimum temperature reached, which can then be recorded by reading the temperature from the appropriate scale. Over time, the thermometer can be used to track the changes in temperature and identify patterns or trends.

The use of a lab Max & Min thermometer is important in many laboratory procedures, including environmental monitoring, material testing, and research. It is also commonly used in industrial, agricultural, and medical settings to monitor temperature changes in equipment, systems, and environments.