Dropping Bottle Stand

Dropping Bottle Stand

Catalogue No. – 19071
polished wood for dropping bottles of 60ml. each

Catalogue No.Capacity
19071/01for 6 bottles
19071/02for 12 bottles


A lab wooden dropping bottle stand is a type of laboratory apparatus used to hold a dropper bottle in place during a laboratory procedure. The stand typically consists of a wooden base and a vertical support rod, with a clamp or holder at the top to secure the dropper bottle in place.

Lab wooden dropping bottle stands are used in a wide range of laboratory procedures, including chemical analysis, material testing, and other applications where a dropper bottle is needed to dispense small, precise amounts of liquid.

The wooden base provides stability to the stand, while the vertical support rod helps to position the dropper bottle at the proper height and angle. The clamp or holder at the top can be adjusted to securely hold a variety of different sizes and shapes of dropper bottles.

In addition to traditional wooden dropping bottle stands, there are also metal and plastic versions available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the material, the use of a dropping bottle stand is essential in many laboratory procedures, as it provides a safe and secure way to hold a dropper bottle in place during a procedure.