Test Tube, with Interchangeable Stopper, Graduated

Test Tube, with Interchangeable Stopper, Graduated

stoppered with interchangeable stopper, graduated. Note: It can also be offered without graduation

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Catalogue No.OD X Length (mm)Capacity
11204/01100 X 125
11204/02125 X 1610
11204/03150 X 2225
11204/04200 X 2550

Test tubes with interchangeable stoppers and graduation markings are laboratory glassware used for mixing, heating, and storing liquids and samples. The test tubes are cylindrical in shape, with an open top and a rounded bottom, and are made of durable, chemically-resistant glass.

The interchangeable stoppers allow for a secure and airtight seal and can be removed or replaced as needed. The graduation markings provide precise measurements of the volume of the contents, making it easy to monitor the amount of liquid in the tube.

The tubes come in various sizes and capacities and can be used for tasks such as mixing, heating, and observing chemical reactions. They can also be used for storing liquids and samples, and are often used in conjunction with other laboratory equipment, such as a rack, to keep the tubes organized and upright.