Test Tubes

Test Tubes

round or flat bottom, rimmed or rimless, plain (Borosilcate Glass 3.3, autoclavable Note: It can also be offered with graduation

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Catalogue No.Capacity
OD X Length (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)
11205/01310 x 751
11205/02512 x 751
11205/03812 x 1001
11205/041015 x 1251.2
11205/052518 x 1501.2
11205/065025 x 1501.2
11205/077525 x 2001.2

Glass test tubes are cylindrical-shaped containers used in scientific and laboratory settings to hold, mix, and heat liquids or powders. They are usually made of borosilicate glass, a type of glass that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Test tubes come in a range of sizes, with varying capacities and diameters. They may be open at both ends, or they may have one end closed with a rounded or flat bottom. Some test tubes have graduation markings on the side to indicate the volume of the contents.

Test tubes are commonly used in a variety of laboratory procedures, such as chemical reactions, mixing, heating, cooling, and storage of samples. They are also used for the observation of physical and chemical processes, and for the analysis of gases produced during chemical reactions.

When handling glass test tubes, it is important to use proper safety procedures, such as wearing protective gloves and eye protection. Test tubes can break easily, so it is important to handle them with care and avoid overheating or striking them against hard surfaces. Test tubes should be cleaned regularly to prevent contamination and corrosion, and proper storage should be observed to prevent damage to the glass.