Test Tube, Neutral Glass

Test Tube, Neutral Glass

neutral hard glass.

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Catalogue No.Capacity
OD X Length (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)
11205/01310 x 751
11205/02512 x 751
11205/03812 x 1001
11205/041015 x 1251.2
11205/052518 x 1501.2
11205/065025 x 1501.2
11205/077525 x 2001.2

A neutral glass test tube is laboratory glassware used for a variety of purposes, including mixing, heating, and storing liquids and samples. Test tubes are cylindrical in shape, with an open top and a rounded bottom, and are made of a neutral glass material that does not interfere with chemical reactions or analysis.

The neutral glass material is also resistant to thermal and chemical stress, making it suitable for use in a wide range of laboratory applications.

Test tubes come in various sizes and capacities, and can be used for tasks such as mixing, heating, and observing chemical reactions. They can also be used for storing liquids and samples, and are often used in conjunction with other laboratory equipment, such as a rack, to keep the tubes organized and upright.