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Test Tube Stand (3 Tier), PC

Test Tube Stand (3 Tier), PC

These ingenious racks with a 3-tier design provide a clear view of the tube contents & convenient insertion & removal of tubes. The PC rack has transparent upper & middle plates whereas, in PP racks, every part is colored & opaque. These autoclavable Racks can withstand subfreezing temperatures Material: Polycarbonate

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12087/0113 mm x 31 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0216 mm x 31 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0320 mm x 20 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0425 mm x 12 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0513 mm x 62 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0616 mm x 62 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0720 mm x 40 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0825 mm x 24 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/0925 mm x 18 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/1025 mm x 36 Tubes2 Pcs.
12087/1132 mm x 12 Tubes2 Pcs.


A Test Tube Stand (3 Tier), PC is laboratory equipment used to hold and organize test tubes in a laboratory setting. It is made of polycarbonate (PC) material, a strong and durable plastic material commonly used in laboratory equipment.

The stand has three tiers that can hold multiple test tubes and provide organized storage. This type of test tube stand is useful for laboratory experiments, sample storage, and other related activities.