Test Tube Peg Rack

Test Tube Peg Rack

These racks can conveniently hold inverted tubes for drying purpose and minimizes the collection of airborne contaminants inside the tube. This rack can also be used to hold and dry electrophoresis and chromatography plates. Material: Polypropylene

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12088/0196 Places for 13 mm Tubes6 Pcs.
12088/0250 Places for 16 mm Tubes6 Pcs.



A test tube peg rack is laboratory equipment used to hold test tubes vertically in an organized manner. It consists of a series of pegs that the test tubes can be inserted into, and the rack is usually made of plastic or metal.

The test tubes are held securely in place and can be easily removed for access to the contents inside. Test tube peg racks are commonly used in chemical, biological, and medical laboratories for the storage and transportation of samples.