Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)

Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)

An economical substitute for wire racks, here are these submersible, autoclavable racks which are stackable when empty. These are available in different colors and are made of a special blend of Polypropylene that makes it sink in a water bath and maintain their stability even in agitated water. These space-saving racks can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes. The base is in the form of a grid with square openings and has fold-up sides and end bars that lock into rack tops

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12089/0113 mm x 90 Tubes6 Pcs.
12089/0216 mm x 60 Tubes6 Pcs.
12089/0320 mm x 40 Tubes6 Pcs.
12089/0425 mm x 24 Tubes6 Pcs.
12089/0530 mm x 21 Tubes6 Pcs.


A test tube stand with a wiring pattern is laboratory equipment used to hold test tubes horizontally in an organized manner. The stand consists of a series of wire holders that the test tubes can be inserted into, and the stand is usually made of metal.

The wire pattern allows for good ventilation of the contents inside the test tubes, and the test tubes are held securely in place and can be easily removed for access. Test tube stands with a wiring pattern are commonly used in chemical, biological, and medical laboratories for the storage and transportation of samples.