Test Tube Stand, 3 Tier

Test Tube Stand, 3 Tier

These ingenious racks with a 3-tier design provide a clear view of the tube contents & convenient insertion & removal of tubes. The PC rack has transparent upper & middle plates whereas, in PP racks, every part is colored & opaque. These autoclavable Racks can withstand subfreezing temperatures. Material: Polypropylene

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12086/0113 mm x 31 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0216 mm x 31 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0320 mm x 20 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0425 mm x 12 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0525 mm x 18 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0632 mm x 12 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0725 mm x 36 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/0813 mm x 18 Tubes4 Pcs.
12086/0915 mm x 18 Tubes4 Pcs.
12086/1018 mm x 12 Tubes4 Pcs.
12086/1113 mm x 62 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/1216 mm x 62 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/1320 mm x 40 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/1413 mm x 48 Tubes2 Pcs.
12086/1513 mm x 72 Tubes2 Pcs.


A 3-Tier Test Tube Stand is a laboratory equipment used for holding test tubes upright in a compact and organized manner. It typically consists of three horizontal tiers of holders, arranged one above the other, and is made of materials such as polypropylene (PP) which are durable, chemical-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures.

This stand is ideal for use in a variety of laboratory applications, such as mixing, storage, or incubation of samples.