Medical Microscope

Medical Microscope

Catalogue No. – 15003

Features :
! The body is Inclinable, standard tube length of 160mm
! Separate coarse and fine focusing knobs with graduation on one side.
! Fixed stage 125x125mm fitted with mechanical stage X-Y movements on dovetail slides.
! Illumination through a fork mounted, dia 50mm planoconcave mirror. The mirror can be replaced by sub stage illuminator 220V(optional)
! Achromatic objectives of 10x & 40x (SL) , 100x (oi l immersion)
! Two Huygenian Eyepieces of 6x, 10x or 15x


A medical microscope is a laboratory instrument used for examining objects or specimens that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. It is commonly used in medical and biological research to observe cells, tissues, and microorganisms.

Medical microscopes come in different types, such as compound microscopes, stereo microscopes, and digital microscopes, each with its own unique features and applications. Some medical microscopes are also equipped with additional components, such as cameras or computer software, to capture and analyze images.