Student Microscope

Student Microscope

Catalogue No. – 15002

Features :
! The body is Inclinable, standard tube length of 160mm
! Separate coarse and fine focusing knobs with graduation on one side.
! Fixed stage 125x125mm with stage clips to hold the slide
! Illumination through a fork mounted, dia 50mm planoconcave mirror.
! Two Achromatic objectives of 10x & 40x (SL)
! Two Huygenian Eyepieces of 6x, 10x or 15x
! Ab b e c o n d e n s e r wi t h N.A.1.25, moves up & down by rack & pinion. I r i s diaphragm and filter holder mounted with the condenser.


A lab student microscope is a type of microscope designed for use in laboratory settings, particularly in educational or research environments. It is usually equipped with a range of magnification settings, typically ranging from 40x to 1000x, and features a number of adjustable features, such as focus, illumination, and aperture settings.

The microscope typically consists of a base, an arm, and a head, with a viewing lens and eyepiece at the top of the head. The base may also have an adjustable stage for holding slides or other specimens, while the arm holds the lenses and eyepiece in place.

Lab student microscopes are commonly used in high school and college biology and life science labs, as well as in professional research settings. They are an essential tool for examining small specimens such as cells, microorganisms, and tissues and provide a way to visualize and study the microscopic world in detail.