Travelling Microscopes

Travelling Microscopes

Catalogue No. – 15013

Features :
! Stainless steel horizontal scale has 0-18cm graduations (in 0.5mm divisions) with vernier reading to 0.01mm.
! Heavy brass vertical pillar with stainless steel scale has 15cm graduations (in 0.5mm divisions) with vernier reading to 0.01mm.
! Achromatic objective having focal length 50mm and ramsden eye-piece 10x with cross line graticule is fitted in the telescope.


Travelling microscopes are a type of laboratory instrument used for precise measurements of small objects. They are designed to be portable and compact, making them useful for a wide range of applications, from educational settings to scientific research.

The basic components of a travelling microscope include a microscope body, an objective lens, a stage for holding the specimen, and a scale for measuring the position of the microscope. The microscope body is typically mounted on a sliding base, allowing the user to move the microscope along the scale with great precision.

Travelling microscopes are commonly used for measuring the thickness of thin films or the dimensions of small objects such as fibers, crystals, or semiconductor chips. They are also useful for measuring the properties of optical elements, such as lenses or mirrors, and for calibrating other instruments such as micrometers or vernier calipers.