Co-Axial Microscope ,’GB-4′

Co-Axial Microscope ,’GB-4′

Catalogue No. – 15007

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A Co-Axial Microscope is a specialized type of optical microscope that is commonly used in scientific and research laboratories. This type of microscope is designed to provide bright and uniform illumination of the sample being viewed, which is particularly important when working with transparent or translucent specimens.

Unlike a traditional microscope, which typically uses an external light source to illuminate the sample, a Co-Axial Microscope has a built-in light source that is aligned with the microscope’s optics. This allows for the light to be directed straight through the center of the objective lens, providing a clear and evenly illuminated view of the sample.

The Co-Axial Microscope is often used for examining biological specimens, such as cells and tissues, as well as for material science applications, such as examining the surface of metals or polymers. Some models of Co-Axial Microscopes also have additional features, such as polarizing filters, phase contrast optics, or fluorescence filters, which allow for even more specialized imaging techniques.