Inclined Research Microscope,’GB-5′

Inclined Research Microscope,’GB-5′

Catalogue No. – 15007

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An Inclined Research Microscope is a specialized type of optical microscope that is designed for use in scientific research applications. It typically features a binocular or trinocular head that is inclined at a comfortable angle for the user to view samples for extended periods without causing eye strain or fatigue. The microscope’s objective lenses are mounted on a turret or nosepiece, allowing for easy magnification changes, and the stage can be adjusted to hold a variety of specimens.

Inclined Research Microscopes typically have a high-quality optical system, including an adjustable aperture diaphragm and condenser, which allows for optimal illumination and resolution of the sample being viewed. Some models may also feature additional accessories, such as polarizing filters, phase contrast optics, or fluorescence filters, which allow for even more specialized imaging techniques.