Polarimeter, Student

Polarimeter, Student

Catalogue No. -15016

Features :
! Workable tube length 200mm
! Graduated circular scale 0-360


A Polarimeter for Students is a simplified version of a laboratory polarimeter that is designed for educational purposes. It is commonly used in high school and college-level chemistry classes to introduce students to the concepts of optical rotation and polarization of light.

The Student Polarimeter consists of a light source, a polarizer to produce polarized light, a sample holder, and an analyzer to measure the rotation of the polarized light after it passes through the sample. However, it is usually smaller and less complex than a laboratory-grade polarimeter and may lack some of the features such as temperature control and digital displays.

The student polarimeter is used to demonstrate the principles of optical activity and to allow students to determine the optical rotation of simple substances, such as sucrose or tartaric acid, by comparing the observed rotation with the known values for these substances.

Student polarimeters are often equipped with a Vernier scale or other simple measurement tool that allows students to read the angle of rotation directly, making it easier for them to understand the basic concepts of optical rotation and polarization of light.