Reading Telescope

Reading Telescope

Catalogue No. -15020

Features :
! C.I casted heavy base with chrome plated shaft. The Telescope is hinged on a carriage with up and down motion by knurled head screw. Telescope has rack nad pinion focusing system and is focusable from 1mtr. to infinity distance.
! An objective lens dia 25mm with focal length 178mm and eyepiece 10x with cross line graticule is provided with telescope.


A Reading Telescope, also known as a magnifying glass, is a simple optical instrument that is used to magnify small objects and text to make them easier to read. It consists of a single convex lens, typically made of glass or plastic, mounted in a handle or frame.

To use a Reading Telescope, the user holds the lens close to the eye and focuses on the object to be magnified. The lens bends the light rays and produces a larger, magnified image of the object that appears closer and easier to read.

Reading Telescopes are widely used in a variety of applications, including reading small print, examining small objects, and inspecting jewelry or other delicate items. They are also commonly used in the fields of science and engineering for precision work, such as examining electronic components or inspecting small machine parts.

Reading Telescopes are available in a variety of sizes and magnification levels, ranging from handheld models that provide low magnification to larger, more powerful models that can magnify objects up to several times their original size. Some models may also be equipped with additional features, such as built-in lights, to improve visibility in low-light conditions.