Monocular Field Microscope

Monocular Field Microscope

Catalogue No. -15024

Features :
Magnification 40x with the field of view 4.2 mm, least count 0.02 mm, and working distance 24 mm.


A Monocular Field Microscope is a type of optical microscope that is commonly used in scientific laboratories and educational settings. This type of microscope features a single eyepiece for viewing the specimen, as opposed to a binocular microscope, which has two eyepieces.

Monocular Field Microscopes are typically compact and portable, making them ideal for fieldwork or for use in classrooms or small laboratories. They are often used for observing small objects or specimens at low magnifications, such as insects, plant parts, or small crystals.

The microscope usually features a single objective lens, which can be rotated to change the magnification level. The stage, which holds the specimen being viewed, can be adjusted for focus using coarse and fine focus knobs.

Monocular Field Microscopes are often used in educational settings, such as high school or college biology classrooms, as they are relatively simple to use and provide clear and detailed images of specimens. They are also commonly used for hobbyist or amateur naturalists who enjoy exploring and observing the natural world around them. Overall, Monocular Field Microscopes are an essential tool for anyone interested in examining small objects or specimens in greater detail.