Hot Plate

Hot Plate

Catalogue No. – 17040
Round ,electric, round-dia 20cm, 3 step heat control switch, operates on
220-240V AC, 50Hz [table “17040” not found /]


A hot plate is a laboratory instrument used for heating samples in a laboratory setting. The instrument consists of a flat heating surface, typically made of aluminum or ceramic, which is heated using an electric current.

Hot plates come in different sizes and configurations, from small desktop models to larger, more powerful units suitable for industrial applications. They are typically equipped with digital temperature controls for precise and reproducible heating.

Hot plates are commonly used in chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories for a variety of applications such as boiling and evaporating liquids, melting solids, and maintaining a constant temperature for chemical reactions. They are also used in food science and industry for heating and cooking.

Hot plates are often used in conjunction with other laboratory equipment such as magnetic stirrers or glassware such as beakers or flasks. They provide a convenient and reliable source of heat that can be easily controlled and adjusted as needed.

Hot plates are an essential tool for researchers, scientists, and technicians working in fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology, where precise temperature control and reproducibility are critical for experimental success.