Herbarium Cabinet

Herbarium Cabinet

Catalogue No. – 17015
For keeping botanical specimens securely placed in herbarium sheets.
Cabinet frame of 19 mm plyboard finished with laminated sheet. Hinged
MDF baton to collectively lock the drawers. Drawer frame of MDF with
plyboard bottom fitted with puller knobs and index card holder. Phosphor
bronze clip provided inside drawer for keeping herbarium sheets in position. Drawers finished in spirit polish. Drawer Size 45cm x 37cm x 8cm.

Catalogue No.Capacity
17015/016 drawers
17015/0212 Drawers
17015/0324 Drawers

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A herbarium cabinet is a storage system designed to house and protect collections of preserved plant specimens. These cabinets are typically made of sturdy, durable materials such as metal or wood and may have several compartments or drawers for organization.

Herbarium cabinets are designed to provide a controlled environment that protects specimens from damage by insects, moisture, light, and temperature fluctuations. They may be equipped with features such as air filters, humidity control systems, and locks to ensure the specimens are preserved and secure.

Herbarium cabinets are essential for the long-term storage and preservation of plant specimens, which are often used for scientific research, education, and conservation purposes. The cabinets provide a safe and organized way to store collections, which can include tens of thousands of specimens, and allow easy access for study and research.

Herbarium cabinets are commonly used by botanical gardens, universities, research institutions, and natural history museums. Proper storage in a suitable cabinet helps to maintain the scientific value of the specimens, preserve their quality for future research, and protect them from damage or loss.