Chromatographic Cabinet

Chromatographic Cabinet

Catalogue No. – 17014
Made of Teakwood with glass on all four sides and on top. Internal surface wax coated for solvent resistance. Hinged top provided with rubber gasket for air-tight closing. Window with air-tight door in the lower portion. Heavy castors provided for easy movement. Finished in spirit polish. Supplied with two stainless steel troughs & 4 glass rods.

Catalogue No.Pack Size
17014/01For 6 filter papers of size 57x68cm
17014/02For 4 filter papers of size 46x57cm

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A chromatographic cabinet, also known as a fume hood or a laminar flow hood, is a type of enclosed workspace used in laboratories to handle hazardous substances or compounds.

The cabinet is designed to protect the user from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, while also providing a clean and sterile environment for the substances being handled. The cabinet typically has a ventilation system that draws air from the work area and filters it before releasing it back into the laboratory.

Chromatographic cabinets come in different sizes and shapes, and they can be tailored to suit specific laboratory needs. They are commonly used in chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical research laboratories for tasks such as preparing samples, handling solvents and other chemicals, and conducting experiments involving hazardous materials.