Slide Cabinet, Horizontal Positioning

Slide Cabinet, Horizontal Positioning

Catalogue No. – 17012

Slide Cabinet, Wooden

For keeping 75mm x 25mm glass slides in horizontal position in plastic grooves individually. Cabinet frame of 19mm thick board with melamine lamination. Hinged door with lock is lined with velvet. Drawer frame of ABS Plastic fitted with knob, index card holder. Extra drawer in base with printed index sheets.


A slide cabinet in horizontal positioning is a type of storage unit used in laboratories and medical facilities for storing microscope slides in a flat, horizontal position. The cabinet is typically made of metal or plastic and consists of multiple drawers or compartments that are designed to hold microscope slides.

The horizontal positioning of the slides in the cabinet allows for easy access and retrieval of individual slides, and it also helps to protect them from damage and dust. The cabinet may have adjustable dividers or slots that can be customized to fit different sizes and types of slides.

Slide cabinets in horizontal positioning are commonly used in pathology labs, histology labs, and medical research facilities, where they are used to store and organize large quantities of microscope slides containing tissue samples, blood samples, or other biological specimens. They can also be used in educational settings, such as biology or medical classrooms, to store and organize slides used for teaching purposes.