Laminar Air Flow, Vertical

Laminar Air Flow, Vertical

Catalogue No. – 17001
* Made of 19mm thick Ply-board.

Catalogue No.Size Of Working Area
17001/0160x60x60 cm
17001/0290x60x60 cm

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A laminar air flow (LAF) vertical unit is a type of cleanroom equipment used in laboratory and other sterile environments to control air quality and prevent contamination of sensitive materials, such as cell cultures or semiconductor components.

The LAF unit creates a controlled air flow that moves in a straight, uniform direction, with minimal turbulence or particle movement. The unit typically consists of a working surface, a fan or blower, and a filter system that removes airborne particles and contaminants.

In a vertical LAF unit, the air flows vertically from the top of the unit downwards towards the work surface. This helps to prevent contamination from sources such as the laboratory environment, personnel, or equipment.

Vertical LAF units are commonly used in applications such as tissue culture, microbiology, and electronics manufacturing. They are also used in hospitals and medical facilities to maintain sterile environments in surgical suites and other critical care areas.

Proper maintenance and regular filter replacement are critical to ensure the LAF unit continues to function effectively and maintain the desired air quality. The unit should be operated and maintained according to manufacturer instructions and industry standards to ensure optimal performance and safety.