Slide Tray Aluminium

Slide Tray Aluminium

Catalogue No. – 17013
Anodized Aluminum fabrication.

To hold 75mm x 25mm glass slides in
horizontal position.


A slide tray made of aluminum is a type of device used for holding and organizing microscope slides in a laboratory or medical setting. The tray is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, which makes it easy to handle and resistant to corrosion and damage from chemicals.

The slide tray typically consists of a rectangular frame with slots or grooves that securely hold the microscope slides in place. The size and capacity of the tray can vary depending on the number of slides it can accommodate.

Aluminum slide trays are commonly used in histology labs, pathology labs, and medical research facilities, where they are used to organize and store microscope slides containing tissue samples, blood samples, or other biological specimens. They can also be used for educational purposes in biology or medical classrooms to teach students how to handle and observe microscopic specimens.