Insect Collecting Net

Insect Collecting Net

Catalogue No. – 17022
Ring made of iron wire supported on handle with fine rubber grip at end.
Length of handle 75 cm. 75cm long net fitted in ring through 5 cm wide
cloth rim. Dia of bag at free end 25cm. Ring dia 30cm. [table “17022” not found /]


An insect collecting net is a tool used to capture and collect flying insects, such as butterflies, moths, beetles, and flies. The net consists of a long handle, a hoop, and a fine mesh bag or netting.

To use an insect collecting net, the user approaches the target insect and sweeps the net over the insect in a quick and fluid motion, trapping it in the netting. The insect can then be safely removed from the net and either released or preserved for further study.

Insect collecting nets come in a variety of sizes and designs, depending on the specific needs of the user. Some nets are collapsible for easy transport and storage, while others feature telescoping handles for greater reach. The mesh of the netting can also vary in size and material, depending on the size and type of insect being collected.

Insect collecting nets are commonly used by entomologists, researchers, and hobbyists to study insect populations, behavior, and ecology. They can also be used in educational settings to teach students about the diversity and importance of insects in the natural world. When used responsibly and ethically, insect collecting nets can be a valuable tool for understanding and appreciating the complex world of insects.