Slide Cabinet, Vertical Positioning

Slide Cabinet, Vertical Positioning

Catalogue No. – 17011
For keeping 75 mm x 25 mm glass slides in vertical position in plastic
grooves individually. Cabinet frame made of MDF finished with laminated
sheet. Hinged door with lock is lined with velvet. Drawer frame of MDF
with plywood bottom fitted with knob, index card holder & restraining lever is lined with velvet. Extra drawer in base with printed index sheets. Design prevent entry of dust into drawers.

Catalogue No.CapNo Of Drawers
17011/01500 slides5
17011/021000 slides10
17011/032000 slides10
17011/045000 slides25


A vertical positioning slide cabinet is a storage unit used to store and organize microscope slides in a vertical position. It typically consists of a metal cabinet with drawers that slide vertically, each of which is divided into compartments for holding slides. The slide cabinet is designed to protect the slides from dust, damage, and contamination, and to provide easy access to them when needed.

The vertical positioning of the slides ensures that they are stored in a space-saving manner and makes it easy to identify and retrieve individual slides. Vertical positioning slide cabinets are commonly used in clinical and research laboratories, pathology departments, and educational institutions, where they are essential for organizing and storing large numbers of slides for microscopy and other applications.