Portable Overhead Projector

Portable Overhead Projector

Catalogue No. – 17006
Smooth effortless focusing with 3 element high definition vari-focus
lens, picture sharpness compensator guarantees a brilliant picture with resolution and optimum contrast. Provided with twin 24V to 250 Watts Halogen Bulb even if one lamp fails, the twin lamp switch over facility enables you to change the lamp instantly. The mini Turbo cooling fan protects the projector mechanism without distributing the audience. Provided with a thermal cut-out to protect mirrors, lamps and lenses. Fresnel lens A4 size (285 x 285) [table “17006” not found /]


A portable overhead projector is a type of device used to project images or text onto a large screen or wall. The projector is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, and it typically consists of a light source, a lens system, and a mirror that reflects the image onto a surface.

The projector is placed on a sturdy surface or tripod, and the image or text to be projected is placed on a transparent sheet or film, known as a transparency. The transparency is placed on a glass plate, known as the stage, and the light from the projector passes through the transparency and is magnified by the lens system before being reflected onto the screen.

Portable overhead projectors are commonly used in educational and business settings, where they are used to give presentations, lectures, or training sessions. They are also used in artistic and creative contexts, such as in the creation of murals or other large-scale artworks. The portable nature of the projector allows it to be easily moved from one location to another, making it a convenient and versatile tool for visual communication.