Essential Oil Determination Apparatus

Essential Oil Determination Apparatus

Essential Oil Determination Apparatus (Clevenger Apparatus)

Also known as Clevenger Apparatus, vertical tube combined with a condenser and measuring tube with a stopcock. A return tube for the aqueous part of the distillate connects the bottom of the measuring tube and the vertical tube.

  • Helps in the determination of water content in the petroleum products
  • Can be used with solvent entrainers, heavier than water
  • A stopcock is fitted at the end of the receiver, for easy drainage
Catalogue No.Capacity (ml)
11368/01 1000
11368/02 2000
11368/03 3000
11368/04 5000
11368/05 10000


An Essential Oil Determination Apparatus is a laboratory setup used to determine the composition of essential oils. Essential oils are complex mixtures of volatile organic compounds and are commonly used in perfumes, flavorings, and natural medicines. The specific components of an Essential Oil Determination Apparatus can vary, but typically it includes a sample injector, a chromatography column, a detector, and a collection system.

The sample injector is used to introduce the sample into the chromatography column, the chromatography column contains the stationary phase that separates the components of the essential oil, the detector measures the quantity of the individual components as they elute from the column, and the collection system collects the purified sample components.

The Essential Oil Determination Apparatus works by separating the components of the essential oil based on their physical and chemical properties, allowing for the determination of the composition of the oil. This information is useful for the quality control and characterization of essential oils, as well as for the identification of unknown oils.