Clevenger Apparatus

Clevenger Apparatus

Clevenger Apparatus, for determination of volatile oil lighter than water. Comprising of 1000ml flask, oil separatory tube and condenser


The Clevenger Apparatus is a laboratory setup used for the determination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a sample. It is a type of distillation apparatus that is commonly used in the analysis of essential oils, perfumes, and other volatile organic compounds. The apparatus typically consists of a distillation flask, a condenser, a collection flask, and a heating source.

The distillation flask holds the sample to be analyzed, the condenser cools and condenses the vapor produced during distillation, the collection flask collects the purified sample, and the heating source provides heat for the distillation process. The Clevenger Apparatus works by heating the sample, causing the volatile organic compounds to vaporize and be carried away by the vapor.

The condenser then cools the vapor, causing it to condense into a purified form, which is collected in the collection flask. The Clevenger Apparatus is a fast and efficient way to determine the composition of volatile organic compounds in a sample and is commonly used in the fragrance and flavor industries.