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Adapter, Drying Tube

Adapter, Drying Tube

Adapter, Drying Tube

  • One end of the tube-like structure has a ground joint for connecting the drying tube to a reaction vessel, to keep the vessel moisture free.

Note: Adapter, Drying Tube Straight, can also be provided.

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An adapter, or drying tube is a type of laboratory glassware component that is used to dry gases or liquids. It consists of a glass tube with a ground glass joint at one end and a sidearm with a smaller joint at the other end. The drying tube adapter allows for the connection of two glassware pieces with different joint sizes, and the tube provides a pathway for the flow of gases or liquids.

The inside of the drying tube is filled with a drying agent, such as calcium chloride, that absorbs moisture from the gas or liquid passing through the tube. The drying agent helps to ensure that the gas or liquid is free from moisture and other impurities before it is used in subsequent steps of a laboratory process.

The drying tube adapter is commonly used in laboratory distillation, synthesis, and other chemical processes, where it is important to remove moisture and other impurities from gases or liquids before they are used in the reaction or analysis. The drying tube adapter is an important component in many laboratory procedures and is widely used in chemical and analytical applications.