Adapter, U Tube

Adapter, U Tube

Adapter, U Tube, with two sockets are made up of Borosilicate 3.3. Available in two sizes 14/23 or 19/26.

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An adapter, U-tube is a type of laboratory glassware component that is shaped like the letter “U.” It is used to connect two pieces of glassware with different joint sizes, or to create a U-shaped bend in a piece of glassware. The U-tube adapter has two sidearms, each with a ground glass joint, that allow for the connection of two pieces of glassware. The U-shape of the adapter provides a stable, curved pathway for liquids or gases to flow between the two pieces of glassware.

This type of adapter is commonly used in laboratory distillation, extraction, and other chemical processes, where the flow of liquids or gases between glassware pieces must be carefully controlled and monitored.

The U-tube adapter allows for the creation of a multi-neck flask setup, and it provides a compact and efficient means of transferring liquids or gases between glassware pieces. The U-tube adapter is an important component in many laboratory procedures and is widely used in chemical and analytical applications.