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Adapter, for Pocket Thermometer

Adapter, for Pocket Thermometer

Adapter, Thermometer Pocket

  • With stem length of 45 mm approx.
  • Used to incorporate thermometers into jointed-ware assemblies
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An adapter for a pocket thermometer is a type of laboratory glassware component that is used to connect a pocket thermometer to a piece of glassware or to a thermometer well. The adapter allows for the accurate measurement of the temperature of liquids or gases in a laboratory setting.

The adapter typically consists of a ground glass joint at one end and a sidearm with a smaller joint at the other end, which allows for the connection of the adapter to the pocket thermometer and to the glassware or thermometer well. The adapter provides a pathway for the transfer of temperature information from the pocket thermometer to the glassware or thermometer well, allowing for accurate temperature readings.

This type of adapter is commonly used in laboratory distillation, synthesis, and other chemical processes, where accurate temperature control is essential. The adapter for a pocket thermometer is an important component in many laboratory procedures and is widely used in chemical and analytical applications.