Dimroth Condenser

Dimroth Condenser

Dimroth Condenser is made up of the best material Borosilicate 3.3. The Condenser comes with a Plastic screw thread connector. Available in different sizes…

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Catalogue No.Extractor Cap. (ml)Extractor Cone
11358/01 15029/32
11358/02 25029/32
11358/03 50029/32

The Dimroth condenser is a type of condenser used in laboratory distillation and reflux experiments. It is a type of coil condenser, named after the German engineer Ernst Dimroth, that features a unique design that allows for efficient heat transfer and improved cooling compared to traditional coil condensers.

The Dimroth condenser consists of a series of nested glass tubes with a cooling fluid circulating through the innermost tube. The design of the Dimroth condenser provides a large surface area for condensation, which increases the efficiency of the condensation process.

The Dimroth condenser is commonly used in laboratory chemistry experiments and is known for its high performance and efficiency.