Distillation Assembly

Distillation Assembly

Distillation Assembly, consisting of the round bottom flask, recovery bend, Liebig condenser, and receiver adapter.


Catalogue No.Flask Capacity (ml)Condensor Eff. Length (mm)
11359/01 500300
11359/02 1000350
11359/03 2000400


Distillation assembly is a process used to separate or purify liquids based on their boiling points. It involves heating a mixture of liquids to a temperature where one or more components vaporize, condensing the vapor back into a liquid, and then collecting the purified product.

The distillation assembly typically consists of a still pot, a condenser, and a collection vessel. The still pot is used to heat the mixture, the condenser is used to cool the vapor back into a liquid, and the collection vessel is used to separate the purified product from any residual impurities