Made of pressure Die Cast aluminum Alloy nickel platted body double mild steel thumb type screw keys with accepts objects up to 16mm, Dia Rod, both sides. On one side &up to 19mm Rod on the other side.

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A boss head aluminum is a laboratory apparatus used to attach and hold laboratory equipment, such as clamps, rings, and holders, to a laboratory stand or support rod. It consists of an aluminum body with a threaded screw mechanism that can be tightened or loosened to secure the laboratory equipment in place.

The boss head is typically attached to a laboratory stand or support rod using a separate holder or adapter. Once attached, laboratory equipment can be inserted into the boss head and held securely in place during the experiment.

The aluminum construction of the boss head makes it lightweight and easy to handle, while still providing strong and secure support for the laboratory equipment. The boss head aluminum is commonly used in chemistry and biology experiments to hold equipment in place, allowing for precise measurements and observations.