Burette Clamp Single made of pressure Die Cast Aluminum Alloy powder coated body. spring loaded jaws for (1) single burette.

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A burette clamp with a single mechanism is a type of laboratory clamp used to secure burettes, which are long, thin tubes used for measuring and dispensing liquids in small quantities. The burette clamp provides a secure grip on the burette, while the single mechanism allows for basic stability and support of the burette during experiments.

The burette clamp consists of a metal plate with a U-shaped opening designed to fit around the burette. The single mechanism of the clamp provides basic stability and support for the burette, reducing the risk of breakage or spillage during experiments.

Burette clamps with single mechanisms are commonly used in laboratory setups to hold burettes in place during experiments. They are also used in workshops and DIY projects to secure pipes, tubes, and other items in place.

Overall, burette clamps with single mechanisms are a basic tool for holding burettes in place in laboratory and workshop settings. They provide a secure grip on the burette and offer basic stability and support, making them a popular choice for many applications. However, for applications that require increased stability and support of the burette, it is recommended to use a burette clamp with a double mechanism.