Made of pressure Die Cast aluminum Alloy Nickel Platted Body with Double Mild steel Thumb type screw key accepts objects up to 16mm dia rod. On one side  & up to 19mm rod on the other side.

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A Boss Head, also known as a Clamp Head, is a laboratory clamp used to hold and secure various types of equipment in place. It is typically made of aluminum and is designed with a screw mechanism that allows it to be tightened around the item being held.

The Boss Head is commonly used in laboratory setups, such as in chemistry or biology experiments, to secure test tubes, flasks, burettes, or other apparatus in place during experimentation. The aluminum construction makes the Boss Head lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

In addition to its use in the laboratory, Boss Heads are also used in industrial settings and workshops, where they are used to hold and secure pipes, hoses, or other objects in place. The versatility and utility of the Boss Head make it an important tool in many different settings and applications.