Boss Head

Boss Head

Catalogue No. – 19056
sheet metal, zinc plated, for rod dia upto 16mm [table “19056” not found /]


A boss head, also known as a clamping mechanism, is a device used to securely hold an object in place. It consists of a base, a screw mechanism, and two jaws that are used to grip the object. The base of the boss head can be attached to a bench, rod, or other stable surface, while the screw mechanism allows the user to adjust the tightness of the grip.

The jaws of the boss head can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of objects, making it a versatile tool for a variety of applications. Boss heads are commonly used in laboratory settings, woodworking, and metalworking, among other industries, for holding objects in place during experiments, repairs, and other tasks.

They are known for their stability, strength, and ease of use.