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Water Distillation Apparatus

Water Distillation Apparatus

Water still DU-LU models are designed for reliable continuous operation incorporating a host of features unmatched by comparable stills. It is easy to use, safe to operate thoroughly reliable & above all low cost.

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The Water Distillation Apparatus is a laboratory setup used to purify water by removing impurities through the process of distillation. Distillation is a separation technique that works by heating a mixture of water and impurities to boiling, causing the pure water to vaporize.

The vapor is then condensed, producing purified water. The Water Distillation Apparatus typically consists of a boiling flask, a condenser, and a collection flask. The boiling flask holds the water to be purified, the condenser cools and condenses the water vapor, and the collection flask collects the purified water.

The apparatus is heated using a heating source, such as a Bunsen burner, and the purified water is collected in the collection flask. The Water Distillation Apparatus is commonly used in the laboratory to produce high-purity water for a variety of applications, including chemical analysis and research experiments.