Three Layer Test Tube Stand

Three Layer Test Tube Stand

These Racks are divided into three layers. It is made up of wooden material. It consists of 7 holes in a stand. Modification can also be done as per requirement.


A wooden three-layer test tube stand is a device used in laboratory settings to hold test tubes in an organized and secure manner. It is made up of three layers of wooden slats, each with multiple holes or slots for holding test tubes upright. The layers are stacked on top of each other, with the bottom layer having the largest holes to accommodate larger test tubes, and the top layer having the smallest holes for smaller test tubes.

Wooden test tube stands are preferred over plastic or metal stands in some instances because they are non-reactive and do not interfere with chemical reactions taking place in the lab. Additionally, they are sturdy and can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Wooden three-layer test tube stands come in various sizes and can accommodate different numbers of test tubes depending on the size of the holes or slots. They are commonly used in scientific laboratories, medical facilities, and educational settings. After use, they can be easily cleaned and disinfected for reuse.