Test Tube Holder, Metal, Wire

Test Tube Holder, Metal, Wire

It is used to hold tubes when they are hot and untouchable. Finger Grips are provided to protect your hands when doing an experiment…

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A Test Tube Holder, Metal, Wire, is a laboratory tool used to hold and manipulate test tubes safely and securely.

The tool consists of a piece of wire bent into a U-shape with loops on each end that can be squeezed together to hold the test tube. The loops may have plastic or rubber coating to provide extra grip and prevent scratching of the test tube. The wire may be straight or have a curved shape, depending on the application.

Metal wire test tube holders are typically made of stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to corrosion. They are lightweight and easy to use, allowing for quick and simple manipulation of test tubes.

Test tube holders are used to hold test tubes securely while they are being filled, stirred, or heated, and are especially useful when working with multiple tubes at once. They also provide a safe and easy way to transport test tubes from one location to another without risk of dropping or spilling.

Overall, Metal Wire Test Tube Holders are a versatile and convenient tool that helps laboratory personnel handle and manipulate test tubes safely and efficiently, and are commonly used in various scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and environmental science.