Storage Vial, PP

Storage Vial, PP

These vials add to the existing range of storage vials. Available in 5 ml. & 10 ml. capacities, these vials have a polypropylene cap with a built in seal ring making it a leakproof vial. Just like other storage vials, these vials are also used for the storage of biological material, animal & human cells etc. Material: Polypropylene

Catalogue No.CapacityPacking
12065/01SV-10 ml500 Pcs.
12065/02SV-5 ml500 Pcs.

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A storage vial is a laboratory container used for the collection, storage, and preservation of liquid or solid samples. They are typically made of plastic, such as polypropylene (PP), and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Storage vials are used for storing small volumes of samples, such as biological specimens, chemicals, or reagents, for later analysis or use. They may be equipped with various features, such as graduated markings, labeling areas, or a septum for sample injection.

Storage vials made of PP are a popular choice in laboratory settings due to their high resistance to chemical degradation, low cost, and lightweight nature. PP storage vials may be transparent or opaque, and come in a range of sizes and capacities, from a few milliliters to hundreds of milliliters.

Proper sample collection and storage procedures must be followed to ensure the accuracy and validity of test results. This includes using clean and sterile vials, securely closing vials with appropriate caps, and storing vials under proper conditions (such as in a refrigerated environment for biological specimens).