Solid Glass Stopper, for B.O.D. Bottle

Solid Glass Stopper, for B.O.D. Bottle

MEDILAB Solid Glass Stopper, for B.O.D. Bottle Made up of borosilicate 3.3. Available in different sizes.

for BOD bottle

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A solid glass stopper, for B.O.D. (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) the bottle is a type of laboratory glassware used for closing and sealing B.O.D. bottles. B.O.D. bottles are used to measure the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms in a water sample over a specified period of time.

The solid glass stopper is designed to provide an airtight seal to the B.O.D. bottle, ensuring that the sample remains free from external air and oxygen. The stopper is typically cylindrical in shape and made of solid glass, providing a durable and chemically resistant seal.

The stopper is available in different sizes to accommodate different neck sizes of B.O.D. bottles. The use of a solid glass stopper, specifically designed for B.O.D. bottles, helps to ensure accurate and reliable results in B.O.D. tests.