Simple Cell Pot

Simple Cell Pot

This Pot is used for making Simple Cells & Voltmeters etc. This Pot has very good contact clarity and excellent chemical resistance. Being in Polypropylene, this Pot is much durable than the one used conventionally. Material : Polypropylene

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12123/01Simple Cell Pot12 Pcs.


A lab plastic simple cell pot is a small container used in laboratory settings for growing or culturing cells. It is typically made of plastic and has a simple design, with a bottom surface for cell growth and a lid that allows for gas exchange and observation of the cells.

The size and shape of the simple cell pot can vary depending on the intended use, but it is generally small and designed to be used in multi-well plates or tissue culture plates. Simple cell pots are commonly used in cell biology, tissue culture, and other laboratory applications that involve the growth and study of cells.

They provide a convenient, cost-effective way to grow and observe cells in a controlled environment.