Leclanche Cell Pot

Leclanche Cell Pot

This Pot is used for making Leclanche Cell. This Pot too has very good contact clarity & excellent chemical resistance. Material: Polypropylene

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12124/01Leclanche Cell Pot12 Pcs.


A plastic Leclanché cell pot refers to a Leclanché cell battery that has a plastic casing rather than a metal casing. Plastic is a popular material for battery casings due to its low cost, lightweight, and durability. The plastic Leclanché cell pot operates similarly to the original Leclanché cell, with a zinc anode, a carbon cathode, and an ammonium chloride electrolyte.

However, the use of plastic in the casing provides additional benefits such as increased resistance to corrosion and improved safety, making it a popular choice for certain applications. Despite its advantages, the plastic Leclanché cell may have some limitations compared to more advanced battery technologies and is generally not as widely used today.