Made of pressure Die Cast Zinc alloy, nickel Platted Body. Four prong cork lined jaw clamp fitted to 6″ Long (mild steel nickel plated/aluminum anodised) Rod. Accepts objects up to 100mm Dia.

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A Retort Clamp, also known as a Test Tube Clamp, is a laboratory clamp used to hold and secure test tubes or other cylindrical containers in place. The Retort Clamp typically has a cross-shaped extension, which allows it to grip the test tube securely and prevent it from slipping or falling over.

The cross-extension design of the Retort Clamp provides added stability, making it ideal for use in experiments where the test tube needs to be held at a specific angle or position. This type of Retort Clamp is commonly used in chemistry and biology experiments, as well as in industrial applications where cylindrical containers need to be held in place.

Retort Clamps are typically made of metal, such as iron or stainless steel, for strength and durability. The metal construction also makes them resistant to heat, which is important for experiments that involve heating the contents of the test tube.

In addition to its stability and heat resistance, the Retort Clamp is also adjustable, allowing it to hold test tubes of different sizes and shapes. This versatility makes it a useful tool in many different laboratory and industrial settings.