Made of pressure Die Cast Zinc Alloy nickel Platted, rotatable type. Lockable at any angle. triple mild steel screw on one side 15mm & 19mm on another side.

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A Boss Head, also known as a Clamp Head, is a laboratory clamp used to hold and secure various types of equipment in place. The Boss Head comes in different materials, including zinc, and can be rotatable.

A rotatable Boss Head is a type of Boss Head that allows the clamped object to be rotated. This feature makes it convenient for experiments that require a change in the orientation of the clamped object, such as when a test tube needs to be tilted to a different angle.

The zinc construction of the Boss Head provides good corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for laboratory and industrial applications. Zinc is also a relatively low-cost material, making it an economical option for many users.

Like other Boss Heads, the rotatable zinc Boss Head is used to hold and secure test tubes, flasks, burettes, or other laboratory equipment in place. It is a versatile and essential tool in many scientific laboratories and is widely used for a variety of experiments and applications.