Powder Funnels, PP

Powder Funnels, PP

These funnels are best suited for transferring powdered reagents. The unique feature of these funnels is its parallel stem that minimizes bridging of powder. These funnels are steam autoclavable at 121

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12038/0165 mm36 Pcs.
12038/0280 mm36 Pcs.
12038/03100 mm36 Pcs.
12038/04150 mm12 Pcs.
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A powder funnel made of polypropylene (PP) is a laboratory apparatus used for transferring solid powders or granules into containers. The funnel is designed with a broad, flat bottom that helps to prevent spillages during transfer. Powder funnels are commonly used in laboratory settings for tasks such as transferring reagents, filling capsules or vials, or filling filter papers.

The use of a PP material makes the powder funnel durable, lightweight, and resistant to chemicals commonly used in the laboratory. Additionally, polypropylene is chemically resistant and can be used with a wide range of powders without risk of contamination or corrosion.