Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes

Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes

These Tubes have excellent contact clarity and can be used upto 50,000xG. The screw cap is fitted with silicon O-Ring making it totally leakproof. These tubes should not be used below 4

Catalogue No.CapacityPacking
12055/0130 ml12 Pcs.
12055/0250 ml12 Pcs.
12055/03100 ml12 Pcs.

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Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes are a type of laboratory container used for storage, centrifugation, and mixing of liquid samples. They are named after Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a multi-disciplinary research facility in Tennessee, United States.

Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes are typically made of polypropylene (PP) material and are designed to have a round bottom, making them suitable for mixing and vortexing of samples. They come in different sizes and capacities, allowing for the processing of small or large volumes of liquid samples.

These tubes are also transparent, allowing for easy visualization of the contents. They are equipped with screw caps or snap caps that provide a tight seal, preventing spills and leaks during sample handling.

Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes are widely used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and other life sciences applications for storing, mixing, and vortexing liquid samples. They are an essential piece of laboratory equipment for laboratory applications, providing a reliable and efficient solution for processing liquid samples.