Melting Point Apparatus, Digital

Melting Point Apparatus, Digital

Catalogue No. – 17047
for accurate determination of melting points of solid samples. The unit consists of a built-in magnetic stirrer, an electrode controller for adjusting the rate of heating of silicon oil bath, ON/OFF switch, a pilot lamp, magnifier, a glare free illuminated background, a HIGH/LOW range selector switch and a digital temperature indicator with PT-100 sensor. [table “17047” not found /]


A digital melting point apparatus is a laboratory instrument used to measure the melting point of a substance. It consists of a heating block, which is typically made of aluminum and contains a small hole for holding the sample, and a digital temperature controller, which allows the user to set and adjust the heating rate and temperature range.

The apparatus also includes a magnifying lens, which allows the user to closely observe the sample as it melts, and a digital display, which shows the temperature in real time. Digital melting point apparatuses are preferred over traditional manual melting point apparatuses because they provide more precise temperature control, faster heating rates, and better accuracy in measuring the melting point of a sample.

They are commonly used in research and quality control laboratories to identify and characterize pure substances, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and polymers.