Magnetic Board

Magnetic Board

Catalogue No. – 17029
For display of information through magnetic symbols, Charts, papers
etc. can also be held to the board through magnetic holders. White
surface ideal for writing with specially designed markers pens available
in 4 beautiful colors. Ceramic coated steel sheet secured in aluminum
frame with hanging hooks on ends. Supplied with 4 no. white board
marker pens and one duster.

Catalogue No.Size cm


A magnetic board is a flat surface that is made of magnetic material, typically metal and is used to display or organize items using magnets. The board can be used in a variety of settings, such as classrooms, offices, and homes, to display and organize information such as schedules, to-do lists, calendars, and documents.

Magnetic boards are popular because they provide a versatile and flexible way to organize and display information. The magnets used to attach items to the board can be easily moved or repositioned, allowing users to quickly and easily adjust the layout and content of the board as needed. Additionally, magnetic boards are typically durable and long-lasting, providing a reliable and reusable display option.

Magnetic boards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used with a wide range of magnet types, including magnets with clips, hooks, or other attachments. Some magnetic boards may also feature additional organizational tools, such as shelves or compartments, to further improve their functionality.

Proper care and maintenance of a magnetic board is important for ensuring its longevity and usability. The board should be cleaned regularly with a dry or damp cloth to remove any residual markings or debris, and any damage or wear should be repaired promptly to prevent further deterioration.